BALI Retreat May 2020

From the depth of your heart


Daily doses to handle your life more easily from the depth of your heart.


Join us on this 7-day-journey inwards, towards your core, into your light.


Allow daily practices of Yoga, Meditation, Journaling and Gratitude Practice to guide and support you.
Explore the power of Cacao, Fire and holy water in Cacao and Fire Ceremony and through a purifying ritual in a sacred waterfall and spring.


We will make the ‚Poinciana Beachside Resort and Retreat‘ to our wonderful home for these amazing seven days. Practice, let your soul dangle, enjoy the beautiful resort, Spa treatments, swims in the ocean and the pool, reading in the cozy resort cafe, relaxing in your beautiful room. And for sure nourish your body and soul with three freshly prepared vegan-vegetarian dishes.




Auf Deutsch:


Tägliche Dosen, praktische Übungen und machbare Take-Home-Messages, um dein Leben von der Tiefe deines Herzens heraus leichter zu handeln…
Schließe dich unserer 7-Tages-Reise nach Innen an, tief in deinen Kern, direkt ins Zentrum deines inneren Lichts.


Erlaube dir mit täglichen Übungen von Yoga, Meditation, Journaling und Dankbarkeits-Ritualen dich zu führen und dich für deinen Alltag zu unterstützen. Entdecke weiter die Kraft des heiligen Kakaos, von Feuer und heiligem Wasser bei Cacao-& Feuer-Zeremonien sowie bei einem mentalen wie auch emotionalem Reinigungs-Ritual direkt am bzw. unterm Wasserfall.


Das ‚Poinciana Beachside Resort and Retreat‘ wird dir in dieser Zeit ein wundervolles zu Hause sein für diese 7 erlebnisreichen Tage. Lass währenddessen auch deine Seele baumeln, genieße die Vorzüge des wunderschönen Ressorts direkt am Meer, nutze die Spa-Treatments, schwimme im lebendigen Ozean oder ganz entspannt im Pool, nimm dir gern ein Buch zur Hand im gemütlichen Café des Ressorts oder relax einfach in deinem zauberhaft gestaltetem Zimmer. Natürlich kannst du sowohl deinen Körper als auch deine Seele mit frisch zubereiteten vegan-vegetarischen Speisen nähren, 3-mal täglich.


Your hosts

Shunya Yoga, Radhika – Living from the heartspace:

My interest in Spirituality began in teenage age and led me to various spiritual disciplines, finally finding my spiritual home in Yoga and Buddhism. In addition to various classic Yoga styles and Meditation techniques, Contact Improvisation and free dance are part of my personal journey and of my work.
I am teaching and practicing different styles of Yoga and Meditation; following my deepest desire: to bring this gift – yoga – into the world and share it with other beings.
To live from the space of the heart is my wish for every being and my life motto. Practicing and teaching Yoga and other spiritual practices can and should be both, sincere and playful. Good news…we can have joy and lightness growing and learning!
My passion is to take care of you with joy-hearted energy and precision during your Yoga practice as well as during your Massage and Energy treatment, assisting you to unfold your full potential.


Integral Yoga Teacher RYT500
Inner Flow Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Yin Yoga Instructor
Chakra Yoga Teacher
Pranayama Teacher
Yogic meditation, mindfulness Meditation
Yoga Personal Training
Ayurveda health consultant, Abhyanga massage therapist
Thai Massage therapist
Hawaiian Shamanism (Lomi Lomi Nui Massage, Ho’oponopono)
Contact Improvisation
Diploma in education
Speech therapist

Madeleine Möller – Inspirateurness of the future, author & REIKI Grandmaster:

Since I can remember with my soul & body I follow the pathway of a pioneer & creator for a new future with the triangle from soul, body & mind. And explore the world behind. Even behind death & life. The mysterious knowledge from ancient cultures from former times. For me science & spirituality is the key to our next step of humanity. To go completely new ways and enter the next step of evolution…inside and outside. This guided me to many places worldwide…like Hawaii, India, Bali, USA, Mexico, Egypt, Israel, England…of course my home country Germany…and so on…to remember me and receive the hidden treasures and rituals of the world behind our physical understanding.
In my book ‚Conscious world without money‘ I spread and share impulses for this kind of a new world we can create together. And in the retreats you can feel in many ways, dimension and with your senses what is inside you to transform for your personal way to this new kind of togetherness in your life. For yourself and with others.


REIKI Grandmaster
Ceremony Master
Diploma for ‚Emotion-Code‘ by Bradley Nelson
author for the German editor ‚HORIZONWORLD‘
author of my book ‚Conscious world without money‘
Channeling medium
 Creator of ‚my voice for you‘ Meditate Sound-Journeys
 Advisor for Life-Topics & Energy Coach & Coach for Consciousness

Your invest in yourself